Exterior cladding renovation of two buildings

Building facade with Corian® and wood. Photo: Urbana de Exteriores, all rights reserved.

Corian® has been used in their new facades providing luminosity and freshness to the building. In the renovation the resistance and durability of the techno-surface have played an important role as it will have to endure the “mascletás” and fireworks that take place at this plaza during the San Juan festivities, as well as the lightness of the material that has allowed it to be easily assembled over the existing structure.

Corian® cladding in Glacier White was added to a building where wood was the predominant material thus offering a beautiful counterpoint, turning the façade mostly white and honoring the place and the proclaimed name of the city; Alicante is known as the City of Light. Design and elegance are again united in this Urbana de Exteriores work that uses again Corian® following the success in other applications resistant to the saline and humid environment of this coastal area.

Thanks to the easy handling of this material and all the possibilities that it offers Corian® has turned out to be the ideal solution to undertake the renovation of a façade with polygonal lines, adjusting to each line and giving it continuity and providing harmony to the building. In addition, it is a very light cladding. As it has no interior reinforcement, it has been placed over the metallic structure that remained from the previous façade, covering at the same time the slab edges. Corian® pulls down as if it was a wrapping paper until it closes the false wooden ceilings of the balconies, giving the building a renovated charm. Corian® has been chosen to substitute the old pieces of artificial stone and unify the facade’s materials.

According to Teofilo Pérez Cardá, architect in charge of the project, the material’s flame resistant quality has been final for choosing Corian®. Placed in a city where fiery celebrations are a common practice, this building can face the impacts of the flames it may suffer. Beauty, elegance, design and resistance brought together in this fine taste architectural project. The techno-surface is easy to maintain and restore and its influence is not only aesthetic but also cost effective in the long term.

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