New tickethall in St Pancras Station for the Eurostar [English Only]

Corian® Supplied by CD UK for EuroStar St Pancras - by Christopher Jenner Studio, Photos by Michael Franke

Corian® fabricators Manufacturing by Design are renowned for their collaborations with acclaimed designers. The new Ticket Hall for The Eurostar at St Pancras International sees them add Christopher Jenner to that list. As the Creative Director for The Eurostar, Jenner chose Manufacturing by Design due to their outstanding reputation for quality and innovation for bespoke furniture.

Corian® supplied by CD (UK) Ltd was specified to create the necessary edge-less forms from a durable material. It facilitated forming sections into the desired shape, bonding together and then sanding to a seamless finish.

The project required a durable, strong material that would withstand brutal conditions of a busy station whilst maintaining the white finish. By nature, Corian® is very easy to maintain, with scuffs easily wiped or marks buffed away.

Approximately 47 square meters of Glacier White Corian® was used throughout the project in both the Standard Premier & Business Premier sections. Small individual pieces were used to create bespoke shapes, heat-formed over a mould to create the complex curves and edge-less shapes of the counter, and then bonded back together.

Christopher Jenner: "The very nature of Corian® made it the perfect choice of material for the new tickethall in St Pancras Station for the Eurostar. The design is largely inspired by the organic fluidity within Art Nouveau. To achieve the complexity and movement within the design Corian® was the natural material choice."

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