Première Vision [English Only]

Premiere Vision exhibition, Paris, project by Eric Jourdan and Francesca Avossa; photo Felipe Ribon

“Première Vision” selects Corian® solid surface to provide elegance and functionality and help reduce the environmental impact of the exhibition.

Creatively exploiting the aesthetic, functional and durability properties of Corian®, Eric Jourdan (designer) and Francesca Avossa (artistic director) conceived the overall scenography of the world renown fashion exhibition “Première Vision,” which is takes place in Paris.

Jourdan and Avossa were expected to deliver elegance, long-lasting functionality, and reduced environmental impact, and adopt ”scenography ingredients,” such as light, whiteness, and opalescence.
“We managed this project as a very specific development: a customised translucent white colour “Vision Plus,” with a custom size for the panels (1,65 m x 1,50m) and a production of 15,000 square metres of panelling within a very tight deadline” says Anne Line Citerne, DuPont Building Innovations, project development manager.

Aiming to ensure confidentiality, privacy, and relaxation to every exhibitor while at the same time providing a pleasant feeling of openness, the Corian® walls and the partitions reflect shadows and lights like a screen. The white and luminescent Vision Plus custom colour of Corian® solid surface elegantly emphasises and interacts with the colours and the creativity of the fashion collections.

The Corian® panels are installed on a structure in white aluminium and treated in order to allow a quick and cost-efficient installation. At the end of the exhibition, they were packaged with a protective a film and stored until the next edition of the show.

“This important and world-class project conceived by Eric Jourdan and Francesca Avossa provided the opportunity to demonstrate how, with Corian® solid surface, the needs of sustainable development via the performance of our products and our technological know-how can be met. We have produced panels in specific colours and specific sizes, guaranteeing the outstanding and proven durability of Corian® solid surface, as well as the easy repairability in case of incidents of the material and its capability to contribute to the quality of air in indoor environments.” adds Anne Line Citerne.

From the architecture of the showrooms, the reception and the restaurants to the information panels and the furniture (specially designed and produced for Premiere Vision), the scenography by Eric Jourdan and Francesca Avossa intends to represent an international city in which the geometrical and sober structures aim at emphasising the stars of the show: the fashion and its fabrics.

Première Vision is the leading international exhibition for the fashion textile industry, where twice a year, 700 weavers from more than 30 countries present their new fabrics collections. These collections are presented in showrooms (booths) designed on the same model.


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