Edward Hospital Operating Room Design

Edward Hospital Operating Suites designed using Corian® Interior Wall Surfacing. Wally Tarasewicz, Project Manager

The Operating Suites at Edward Hospital


  • Creating operating facilities that are sterile and easy to maintain
  • Establishing a comfortable, calming, appealing atmosphere for both patients and surgical staff
  • Designing safe, flexible, user-friendly operating suites


  • Selecting wall materials that will not support the growth of microorganisms, mould and mildew for critical operating environments
  • Finding materials that are durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean
  • Choosing materials that can bring warmth to a sterile, highly technical atmosphere.


  • The stain-resistant, easy-to-clean properties of Corian® solid surface made it an ideal choice for use on operating suite walls
  • Non-porous and virtually seamless, Corian® wall cladding does not support the growth of microorganisms or mould, which helps create and maintain sterile environments
  • With its inherent warmth and wide range of colours, Corian® created a pleasing, more positive environment—eliminating the cold, institutional feeling that patients and staff tend to expect from hospitals


  • Corian® provides the durability, renewability and easy maintenance crucial to heavy-traffic operating suites
  • Corian® surfaces bring many safety features to healthcare settings, from reducing the chance for contamination to eliminating sharp edges and making surfaces code-compliant
  • The versatility and extensive colour palette of Corian® provide unlimited design options

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